Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sparkle Time!

When Beanie woke up this morning ... at 9:15 (!!!!!!!!!!), she was groggy and tired. I checked her temperature, and was relieved to note that she's back to normal. Although she still has a cough, her appetite has returned and she's starting to act like her old self.

But, being the malingerer that she is, she insisted on playing sick. I know why.

It's the meds.

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but both these kids love taking kiddie Tylenol. It's so sick, I know. But they love it. They call it "cherry meds," and since they've been running fevers, they've been begging for it every few hours. Scary little junkies, I'm raising here. I was tempted to take a picture of them scarfing down their little teaspoon fulls, but decided I don't need to add to my docket of bad motherhood moments. Nonetheless, I wasn't going to indulge this nonsense much longer. We've been stuck in this house for 8 days now.

Ok, you want to play sick Beanie? Time to call in Dr. Jordan.

One session with him, and she was ready to hop right out of bed and get on with the day.

I was glad they were both up and running today. We had a lot to do - starting with getting a Christmas tree and decorating.

The monkeys really got into the decorating this year.

But, being so short, the tree began to look a little bottom heavy.

That is, until they discovered the step ladder. Look at the gleam in Mina's eye.

This is one of those situations that could have gone either way. I'm pleased to report that they managed to get along well, and take turns on the ladder to put each ornament up.

Then again, this could also be out of pure self-interest. This is the first year they've both begun to understand the concept of "Santa Claus." Jeff and I have informed them that Santa is on our speed dial, and expects a full report every night. Every time we pick up the phone, and I see the look of panic on their faces - I just have to laugh. It won't be much longer that we can enjoy these all consuming moments of power.

And, quite frankly, it's payback. We've earned it.
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