Monday, December 01, 2008

Still Recovering.

Monkey still has a fever and cough. Other than that, he's pretty much the same - running around all day, eating, drinking, wreaking havoc and destruction wherever he goes. I kept him out of school today, and plan on doing the same tomorrow. The antibiotics his doctor put him on are doing a number on his body. Yay. That's just what we need given his recent potty-training conversion. But whatever.

I was telling Jeff, I really can't complain too much. All things considered, Jordan's done pretty well this year as far as illnesses go. Last year, for example, was another story. He was in and out of school every week, battling colds, ear infections, and one virus after another.

I am kind of running out of things to do with them both at home though. Arts and crafts - been there. TV - oh yes.. way too much. Stories - uh huh. Sigh. And Mina, sensing she is not first on my list of priorities at the moment, is acting up big time. When will this clingy phase ever end???

On the plus side though, I am secretly congratulating myself. Jordan being sick and out of school again tomorrow spares me in one way. I can skip cooking something "international" for the big ethnic luncheon at school. Hurray for small miracles!! I mean seriously, how many preschoolers want to eat Indian food for lunch?

I'm so bad.
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