Monday, January 05, 2009

Mina at Pre-K.

I started Miss Mina's day on the wrong foot by waking her up at 7:00. That never bodes well. Like mother, like daughter - we are not morning people.

"It won't be so bad, Mina!"

"Trust me!"

Fiercely clutching her pink dog, Miss Mina marched down the stairs. Armed with nothing more than her two ponytails and a puffy jacket, she faced the great unknown - bravely.

"Here I go, Mom!"


Drop off went well. She ran into the classroom and busied herself immediately.

I didn't hear anything from the school all morning. I checked my cellphone a dozen times to make sure it was working. It was only when I came back to pick her up that I realized poor Mina did not have the best first day.

Her little face was red, her nose was running, and when she saw me parked outside the school, she burst into tears and began shouting "Mama!" as loud as she could. The school has a policy of bringing the kids to the car for pickup, with strict instructions to the parents not to leave the car.

It was hard seeing her cry all the way to the car and there was little I could do to comfort her.

I emailed her teacher later to ask what had happened. This poor woman. Last year she had Jordan. This year, it's Mina. She very promptly wrote me back:


Mina was so happy when you left her this morning. However, after about 45 minutes she realized you were gone and got upset. She began crying a little bit and then it was a little difficult for her to enjoy herself. She ate snack and her lunch without any difficulty. She also took a nap for about an hour. In the afternoon she was better, a little upset but did her art project without a problem. She was so cute ... She said that she hates school and she wasn't coming tomorrow.I hope tomorrow will be a better day ! See you tomorrow,

Ms. M

Ah yes. Tomorrow is another day. Now, this is a perfect example of what happens to parents when they have a second child. I know full well Mina is going to love school. I know this tiny blip on the horizon of her preschool experience is something we will fondly laugh over one day. I know because I've lived through this with Jordan.

If he can survive preschool in one piece, I know Mina can.
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