Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh No!

Oh no, I thought, as I felt her warm forehead.

Oh yes. Yes, sirree. 100.5 degrees.

Only two days into preschool, and Miss Mina has managed to catch her first bug. She stayed home today, while Jordan happily ran out the door. Jeff took him in, and had a minute to chat with Mina's teacher. Apparently she did much better in school yesterday.

Unfortunately, today, she isn't quite herself. As cuddly as Mina is in general, when she's sick, she gets extra cuddly/needy. We've spent most of the morning curled up on the couch or my bed.

We have managed to read the following books:

Be Nice to Spiders - good

Little Einstein's Halloween Surprise - yuck, yuck, yuck.

The Pigeon Loves things that Go - ok, I guess, but Mina loves this one, and can spell out the words.

A Day to Play - good.

The Lion King, Simba's Journey - badly written, and doesn't make any sense as a pop up book, you can barely see inside the design of the cut out pages.

How do Dinosaurs Count to Ten - good.

How do Dinosaurs play with their Friends - good, but gives them some bad ideas for later. (hogging slides, throwing books, moping and pouting)

Chicks and Salsa - good.

My Little Pony storybook - argh. Her favorite. I can barely make myself read the first page.

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea - love this one, also used to be one of Jordan's favorites.

Watched some bad Disney tv, tried to eat some lunch, gave her some Tylenol - after which she promptly threw up. Scrubbed down the floor, did laundry, put her to bed ... and am now thinking of the best way to pick up Jordan from school while minimizing Mina's time outside in this crap weather.

Maybe next week will be better.
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