Saturday, January 31, 2009


Thank you again everyone for all the kind thoughts and for expressing in such eloquent terms all the reasons why it's ok to feel the way I do.

I've been in a better place this week. I don't feel as helpless about the situation as I did before. The Patient Relations department called back this week to tell me that the individual doctors are meeting to discuss the situation and they will contact me directly to set up a time to speak about this. I guess we've gotten the ball rolling and will see what happens. Jeff and I will be investigating another hospital in the area that has begun a new transplant cardiology program, and maybe we can get more reassurance from them that their procedures are different.

Ok, on a lighter note. We took Jordan and Mina to get their hair cut today.

Let's do before and after pics!

Mina - before!

Mina after!!

Can you believe how straight her hair is! The stylist blew it out, then pulled out a flat iron to smooth it!!! I was so surprised, I didn't ask her to do that. It never would have occurred to me. But I didn't stop her because Mina wasn't complaining at all. She sat there and watched a cartoon on tv, and listened to the stylist direct her to move her head one way or the other. It's lucky Mina loves getting her hair done. It takes me at least fifteen minutes every morning to put it together. The minute her hair hits water though, this straight-do is history.

And no, I'm not investing in a flat iron. She's enough of a princess as it is.

And here's Jordan:



Nothing too dramatic. Standard little boy cut. The refreshing thing is how much easier it is to take him for now. He sits on the stool calmly, doesn't freak out, listens to the stylist, and is generally very cooperative. His stylist today was very amused when Jordan greeted her:

"Hello Miss Cutter!"

In other news -

And with every good day, we still manage to have our dramatic moments. Tonight's episode was brought to you by Miss Mina. Not content with merely eating her cherries (cut up, mind you), she decided to choke on them. Violently. Within seconds, she began wheezing, gagging, and making those retching gestures that guarantee a complete freak out, on my part. She doubled over, and I grabbed her.

What was difficult to understand was what was happening, because she was still sort of breathing. She was gasping for air, gagging, and her face turned bright red. I wasn't sure she was choking, because I hadn't seen it happen. I just grabbed her when I saw her start heaving. I took her to the sink, because I knew she was about to throw up. I worried she might be having an allergic reaction to something - it just looked that was to me. And we couldn't figure out what it might be. We cooked scallops tonight, but we hadn't offered any to the kids (not at these prices!)

Within seconds, Jeff was on the phone calling 911. In about three minutes, max, the entire town emergency team descended upon the house. There were EMTs, uniformed police officers, a doctor, and a host of other people I couldn't identify. There were ambulances outside and police cars, all with lights on - which thrilled Jordan to no end.

The team checked on Mina, made sure she was breathing ok, decided that must have gagged on something, and cleared her for an allergic reaction. They were awesome. They spent several minutes with her, checking her skin, her face, her lungs, etc. Mina freaked out, but she did try her best to follow their instructions.

They went home, and I had a minor heart attack of my own. I sat there on the couch and tried to breathe again.

These kids... they know how to keep things exciting huh?
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