Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Disconnect Between Pictures and Reality.

Welcome to the happiest cruise that ever sailed!

We returned from our week-long vacation yesterday. We spent the week down in Florida - several days at Disney World and a few extra days with friends in Fort Myers.

Let's start with the pictures:

Looks great right? Now, let me tell you the rest of the story.

On the morning of our flight, Jordan woke up with a fever. We hoped it would just be one of those "24 hour things" - because we're always lucky like that. Dosed up with Tylenol, we boarded the plane and prayed for the best. Naturally, that did not happen.

He woke the next day with a raging cough and fever. Hoping to nip the issue in the bud right away, Jeff took him to the children's hospital in Orlando. For the next five days, Jordan took antibiotics and coughed his bronchial self through the Disney parks.

Some nights the fever broke, and on others it reappeared. I caught the bug, Jeff caught it, Mina had a brief spell with it, we infected our friends, and probably countless others. It definitely feels like bronchitis - the aching, swelling pain in my chest, the disgusting snottiness, sneezing and racking cough also give it away. The night we had a character dinner at "Chef Mickey," I was in so much pain from coughing, I doubled over when we got back to the hotel room. And that night, I had chills for hours while I tried to warm up. I could barely function - I had no idea how a child could manage this.

Jordan continued to get worse. We left Florida on Saturday morning, and he's been listless since. Today - Sunday, Jeff took him back to the ER at Columbia for some more tests. They ruled out pneumonia, which is good, but we're no closer to any real answers. He's back on antibiotics, still has a raging fever, and is coughing. We're taking him back tomorrow for more tests. If we're lucky, this thing is just some particularly brutal virus that is lasting a long time. I don't want to imagine what it might be if we're not so lucky.

Some vacation, right? The worst part is seeing how miserable Jordan is. He's barely eating or drinking anything, and he is so exhausted. He's been sleeping non-stop, even in the hospital ER. He keeps taking all these medicines we give him because we promise him he'll feel better; but we're still waiting for that to happen.

Darn, do we have the worst luck or what?!? Argh!?!?!? I hope the kids can remember some fun things about the trip, even though Jordan wound up in the ER twice. If you just look at the pictures, it looks like we're having a great time! I'm thinking one day, when Jordan sees the pics years from now, that's all he'll remember.
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