Monday, February 09, 2009


Jordan got a hold of the camera over the weekend, and took this picture. Although, I'm slightly worried that he felt the need to stare directly at the sun, I thought the picture captured the essence of the slight improvement in weather.

To celebrate, Jordan decided to skip his nap in favor of blowing bubbles on the deck.

He's getting pretty good at it.

Catching them on the bubble wand is still a little challenge. I like catching them on the wand, then re-blowing with the same bubbles soap. Just my little bit to stay green.

Oscar grudgingly got off his doggie yoga mat long enough to enjoy some sunshine and give me baleful looks.

Miss Mina napped through the afternoon. I think she might have a hard time giving up her pom-pom snowboots come spring. We've had some wonderful luck with her this weekend using the toilet - she wore pull ups, but didn't have any accidents and kept telling us when she needed to go. I sent her to school with the pull ups today, so we'll see what happens. She has underwear - but for some reason, she doesn't want to wear them. I think she might still be nervous.

I know it's only February, but I can't take much more of this coldness. It's just not in my genetic makeup, I think. I may have been born and raised here, but I think my South Asian desi genes are screaming in revolt. I can't wait to be done with winter. I want sunshine! Beaches! Warm, spring air. I want tulips and sundresses, and flip flops.

In the meantime, we're hanging in there. Jordan continues to demonstrate his skill in the kitchen.

He's mixing furiously with a whisk, and I'm reading the recipe on the laptop in the corner. I can't believe I left him alone with the whisk for that long.

We only ran into trouble when it came time to top the muffins with the cinnamon streudal. Jordan felt generous, and made sure each one was doused liberally. As an aside, you can see that I am the messiest baker/cook in the entire world. Any recipe, no matter what, takes me at least three pans or bowls to complete. Every ingredient finds its way onto the counters, along with a few extra to keep them company. And the sink will soon be filled with dishes, utensils, and scraps, close to toppling over the side. How did I ever manage to cook in our tiny apartment in Brooklyn? Our kitchen now is twice the size, and it never feels like I have enough room.

The apple-cinnamon muffins came out great. Thanks Nataliya, for the recipe! Click on the link, if you'd like the recipe. They include chopped apples, which makes them slighty healthier than usual thing. Just ignore that big cuppa sugar. I suppose you could substite applesauce for some of it.

I tried using a cute little heart shaped muffin tin pan, but that didn't work out so well. I was a little overzealous in filling them. This is where Jordan gets it from.

But the bottoms came out cute.

I restrained myself and only had a bite. Had to weigh in today (down 1.2 lbs, bringing the grand total to 8.1 lbs - yay). I'm expecting all this hard work to go down the drain when we hit Disney world soon. There has to be some way to avoid stuffing my face all day long. I know. Just don't eat. I know. I know. If it were that simple, I wouldn't be counting little points all day long.

If anyone's done Disney and managed not to gain weight, feel free to offer advice. Advice that still includes eating.


Three times a day. Thanks.

I hope my camera gets repaired soon. I miss it. I'm going to a free Nikon training seminar this week, but it would be nice to have a real camera to work off of. I wonder how it's possible that I could manage to get two different Nikong D90s that both bailed on me. Is it a "bad batch?" as the helpful B&H people suggested? I think it's more likely that I am just the world's worst techie person. No matter what the gadget, if I get one, it's bound to f up. My computer - yes. The cameras - yes. My cell phone .... well, that one is more likely to get lost or flushed down the toilet, but whatever. You get the idea.

Me and techie, we don't work well.
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