Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The WTF blanket and other gems.

I apologize in advance for the shite quality of these pictures. My Nikon D90 whacked out again - this is the second one, mind you. It's being "repaired." So, I've been documenting our world with my not-so-great, little point and shoot that has no name.

We're unsure what to make of the recent climactic changes. One minute it's 50 degrees outside, and we're blowing bubbles on the deck:

And the next, it looks like this:

Jeff and I were shocked to hear that our neighbors just a few miles south also got hit with an earthquake this week. If all goes according to plan, I think the locusts should be arriving soon.

Since the weather has been such crap, we're pretty much doing nothing around here.

Except eating.

Well, everyone except me, that is. I'm dieting again, and back on Weight watchers hardcore. Which means I've managed to lose seven pounds, with only about a hundred and seven to go before I reach that magical "pre-baby" weight.

Since I can't eat, I'm reduced to stuffing everyone else around me as an expression of my love .. the kids...

the squirrels,

the damn blackbirds...

Oh, and this video cracked me up to no end, but that might be because I really need a drink, and don't want to waste my "points" on alcohol.

Warning, adult humor alert.

Did I mention how much I am looking forward to vacation in twelve days?
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