Thursday, March 12, 2009

And slowly...

the sun makes an appearance.

The past couple of weeks have been music themed for the kids at preschool. They've been busy learning about instruments, making them, listening to more talented parents perform in class. I wish I knew how to play something. Sadly, I never learned, but both Mina and Jordan love music. So, I'm hoping when the time is right, they'll find the right instruments to suit them.

Now, I might not be musically inclined, but I sure know how to round up supplies for craft projects. The school sent out an email requesting we send in supplies to make an instrument in class each day. These were everyday things like toilet paper rolls, oatmeal canisters, spice bottles, mailing tubes, paper towel rolls, chopsticks, popcorn, macaroni, etc.

Except, I had to send in twice the amount - one for each kid. Sigh. I always thought we used a lot of paper towels in the house, but apparently, not enough. I resorted to unwrapping rolls and saving them so I could give Jordan and Mina enough to take to school. I dug through spice bottles and bagged them up in Ziploc so they could take the bottles to class. And finally, I just caved and made Jeff harass his secretary to find a mailing tube at work because I ran out of ideas. She's good. Extra baked goods coming her way.

The best part - it all comes back home again, repackaged as noisemakers they shake around while screaming with laughter. The laughter I like. The screaming I can do without.
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