Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It took six months to arrive....

But Jordan's big boy bed is FINALLY here!!!!

Now, orange is not for everyone... or most people...

but boy, does it make my kid happy. Nope, it doesn't match the blue in his room. But whatever. He asked for orange. I got him orange. I think he deserved it. He's made good use of the hand-me down crib/toddler bed for four years now. Time to put him in something that he likes.

After it was set up, I eagerly awaited Jordan's reaction.


And this is the time in Sprockets when we bounce!

We've waited so long for this bed and dresser to arrive, that little else seemed to matter. It hit me today - I knew Jordan would be excited. But what about Mina? What was her reaction going to be?

The unfairness of the situation is made evident by the recent switch to underwear. She's been diaper free for days now. She's been consistently doing her thing in the toilet at home and school, at the rec center, in stores, stopping play to run into the house. With the exception of one tiny accident in a restaurant, she's been doing phenomenal.

In her mind, she's a big girl too - where's her bed??

Well, I didn't have a bed to give her today. But I hoped to appease/distract her momentarily with something sparkly of her own.

I love Target.

She didn't hesitate for a second to slip into something more comfortable.

Unfortunately, her attention was only momentarily distracted. She wanted to get on that bed. Jordan's reaction. "Talk to the hand, Mina."

And then there was this:

And this:

Followed by some of this:

I know they say you should never comfort a child with food; but "they" are never around when you need them to soothe a crying child whose brother refuses to share his brand new bed for even a second. A bit of vanilla ice cream would have to do. It's ok. I dropped out of the Mom of the Year contest ages ago.

We did balance it out with some "Yoga Kids" immediately thereafter. Peace was restored. Breathing in and out, people.

Well, the time has come. Time to find Bean a bed. And hopefully it won't take as long to make it to the house.
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