Sunday, April 05, 2009

And Another Milestone Reached.

This weekend, Miss Mina graduated to a big girl bed. We kept promising her she'd get a real bed once she was a "big girl." (translated - no diapers.) Unlike her brother, she reached her goal rapidly. It's amazing how fast this happened. But then again, given the hell we went through with Jordan's training, I think the universe owed us this one.

We picked out the bed last weekend. I digress for just a moment now. Consider this my public service announcement for other parents. Don't bring your two kids to go shopping for a bed at a kid's bed store. It sucks.

The big girl bed was scheduled to arrive this Saturday. Don't think we didn't use this news to our advantage ALL WEEK LONG. If Mina even suggested the appearance of misbehaving, we reminded her that the BIG GIRL BED was coming soon. Unless she wanted us to cancel the order and send it back. It's cruel, I know. But these divine moments of parental gamesmanship come only so often. Use them. We take advantage of the arrival of Santa too.

Of course, someone needed to break apart the crib Mina's been stuck in. Enter, Monkey Sr.

As usual, the kids make themselves useful.

Reaching this milestone must have re-awakened some maternal instinct in the Bean. She turned to her baby doll and made sure she was ok too.

And safely tucked her away in her own little crib.

After assembly - here we go. Don't cringe. I know it's super girly. Mina picked out the bedding herself.

Her reaction.

Some of the accessories will need some growth time.

For just a moment, I wondered whether she might be scared of such an enormous bed. She's so tiny, laying there in that pile of pink and fluff - it swallows her whole.

But, then she smiled again.

Despite the occurrence of such a major milestone, we had the rest of the weekend to get through. On that rainy Saturday, we practiced our writing.

We did some baking (lemon-poppy seed muffins).

The obligatory gluttonous eating. Not me, I'm being REALLY good and I can't wait for weigh in tomorrow.

Dora drinking. Again, not me. I ran instead. But, I may have to set aside some points for an indulgence this week. I can't tell you the number of Easter candy aisles I have passed up this month. I'm starting to fantasize about chocolate, which can't possibly be healthy.

On Sunday, the sun came out again and we did some yard work. "We" meaning Jeff. As you can tell, the kids and I were completely useless. They blew bubbles and I took pictures. Too many chefs, ya know.

It's hard to believe they are both diaper free and in real beds now. Cribs - gone. Changing tables - gone. The gliders I used to sit and rock them in, and read to them in - both gone. In their places, we now have two big kid rooms, with big kid furniture.

And two very excited preschoolers who are growing faster than I can believe.
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