Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Three...

I've officially hit the proverbial wall of parenthood today. I've just run out of things to do with them, and have resorted to dragging them out with me all morning to run errands and do other mindless tasks like visit the dry cleaner and fill up the gas tank.

Of course, being who they are, a visit to the dry cleaner proved to be endlessly fascinating. I worried a bit about the logistics of getting them out of the car and into the store. It's located on a very busy thoroughfare, with only street parking. (please don't let me have to parallel park). But, they followed directions very nicely and got out of the car, without running onto the road. They waited for me by the front door of the store while I lugged Monkey Sr.'s shirts out of the van. And they even held hands.

But then Jordan got inside and decided to sneak behind the counter to examine the amusing conveyor belt of clothes that spun around the circumference of the room. (ok, I'll admit, the technology of that has caught my eye before too). And then there were all those shirts being pressed and hung on wire hangers to the side. And the steam. And the chaos of shouting going on. Mina, who has been with me to the dry cleaners many times, was very blase about the whole thing, and practically rolled her eyes at Jordan's uncouth behavior.

It got so bad today, I finally took pity on them and brought them to the local playground, despite the dreary weather. There we were, the three of us ... dragging ourselves through the wet, wood chips of the park. Wait, that was just me dragging. The kids could care less how wet the slides were or how muddy their shoes got. A little rain doesn't bother them. Jordan particularly loved the muddy streaks his bright orange crocs made on the slides as he climbed up them.

Then I tortured the children's librarian for about twenty minutes while we returned library books. I pretended not to notice the way her eyebrow shot up every time Jordan laughed out loud. Jordan and Mina created their own version of hide and seek and split up in opposite directions among the stacks. I paused just long enough to debate the amount of time I could leave them to their own devices in the kid's section. Would it be long enough to sneak upstairs and look through the magazines? Long enough to browse the new titles in fiction? Would the children's librarian notice I had left the room? I should have tried it, except the library is inconveniently located directly next to the local police station, which means they'd be over right away to take my kids and drag me off to the child protective services' office. And the librarian's desk is right by the stairs too. She'd catch me. Damn design flaws.

Then we went home. I need some new ideas. The day didn't even warrant any pictures, to tell you the truth. Even I managed to bore my own self.

Here are the kids in happier times.

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