Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Two.

The bad weather continues. Mina develops a nasty cough, but is still feeling spry enough for a round of playroom baseball.

As always, she dresses appropriately for the occasion. Pink boots by Grace. Pink "Rosetta" Dress and owl pajamas by Target.

That wore them out just long enough to require a carpet break.

Next on the agenda - bake your own snack. Strawberry muffins on deck because I need to use up all the fruit this week.

Chopped fruit in the batter and one large one embedded onto the top of the muffin.

It sinks into the batter during baking and produces this sweet surprise. Looks kind of like it's sticking it's tongue out at you.

He ate.

I cleaned.

Mina helped.

It's now 10:30. I could either get them dressed and ready for the day (sigh) or take a break for five minutes. I turn on the Wii. Five minutes is about how long they last. Just long enough to scan the headlines of the paper and drink my cold cup of breakfast coffee.

We finally rouse ourselves to get dressed (it was just one of those days..) only to come back downstairs and decide we need to nap. In the playroom. And why bother using your coloring books to color in when they work better as sleeping bags?

You see?

So that worked out well, since they didn't feel much like napping later in their big boy/girl beds anyway.

Fun times.

Please let the sun come out tomorrow.
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