Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How to Cure Your Chocolate Addiction - Temporarily.

Jordan's teacher asked me to bring in cupcakes tomorrow for the "Spring" party. As much as I hate the sweet bonanza the kids are constantly subjected to at school, a small part of me was a little bit excited about this opportunity.


Because not too long ago, one of my loyal readers (all six of them!) wrote to me about a baking challenge she thought I'd be up for - the Bakerella lollipop cupcakes, featured on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

These cupcakes look so damn cute, even my Domestic Goddess of all Things - the Martha - featured Bakerella on her show.

So, I've kept these cupcakes in the back of my mind, and this week I made them myself.

It took me three days.

One day to buy the supplies.

One day to bake the cake,

mix in the frosting,

roll out the little balls, and refrigerate them.

And one long day of reshaping the little balls with a cookie cutter

melting the chocolate

dipping them

sprinkling them

drying them and poking lollipop sticks in them

and wrapping them up all cute.

I swear I only ate one, but I am still completely chocolated out from the process. All the dipping, the wiping, the twirling, the sprinkling, the smoothing, and the clean up.

Oh, yeah ... the clean up.

I need a chocolate hiatus for a little while. Maybe two weeks.

Bakerella's instructions are fantastic, as are the extensive commentary following the post. Well worth the read if you plan on doing this. She's wonderfully helpful in making suggestions along the way. Listen to her.

A few things she failed to account for:

Swiping little paws.

Thus creating the need to find a safe place for the pops to dry.

Handling the casualties.

Trying not to giggle when I saw the sheer joy on the Monkey's face. Ok, that part I loved. I hope the rest of the class is as excited.

Thank God I weighed in yesterday (yay, down another 1.8!) because these little soldiers of caloric death are evil.

Evil. I figured about 6 points. But, I'm probably underestimating.

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