Sunday, April 19, 2009

These are the Days of the Week. Seven Days of the Week.

Long forgotten toys can be re purposed in innovative ways. For example, this race car, which I picked out for Jordan with much love and care for Christmas - took on a whole new dimension once Jordan realized that sound and screeching drove Oscar insane.

Nothing compares to the love of a boy for his dog, right? Especially when you've discovered a new way to make him bark like a yapping hyena for an hour. I'm immune to these things though. My CVS carries ear plugs in the half gallon size jugs; and I buy them. Often

Midweek parades help defeat the gloom of a rainy afternoon. Princess dresses optional.

Recently, I took advantage of a long awaited massage gift certificate. Long-awaited meaning it took me a full year to use this present. But when I finally indulged, it was worth it. Every minute of that massage was worth it. While I was busy getting lotioned and potioned, the kids did some creative cookery with Monkey Sr.

Voila - chocolate covered strawberries.

The simple version.

Taken to extremes.

Jordan patiently awaiting the chocolate to dry. As you can see from Mina's fingers, next door, she has no patience.

We're big fans of dress up in this house. If Mina were in charge of my wardrobe, my shlumpadink sweats and hoodies would be a thing of the past, and my single girl high heels would once again reign supreme. Thank God, she's only in charge of Jordan, who she bosses around shamelessly. Together, they spent an afternoon dressed in velvet and satin.

"Look Mommy, I'm Snow White! " Mina shouted with joy!

I expressed appropriate maternal praise.

Jordan paused for just a moment and then said...

"Look Mommy, I'm Oprah!"

And that is one of those things I might have to write down for posterity.

Dress up continued later in preparation for the big family belated Seder at the Sperlings.

Mina has been living for this moment. This dress - courtesy of our good friend Grace, has been occupying a prime spot in her room for MONTHS. You can't begin to imagine the joy on this child's face when she was finally presented with option of wearing it. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

With Grandma in the grass.

Jordan finally got to spread out and do his yoga on a soft surface for once.

Mina played house with the big kids.

And some baseball...

And rolled like that in her pink and purple Caddy.

While the latest addition to the family used Grandma Bunny's horsepower for mileage up the driveway.

Everyone finally settled down to a special dinner. Notice how Jordan is conspicuously absent when it comes time to eat.

But here he is when sweets are involved. The great cracking open of the Perugina egg. Our local Italian specialty store had these babies at a two for one price. I bought them for the kids and restrained myself with unheralded grace.

Inside...more eggs. The solid chocolate kind. Where does this kid learn this kind of restraint? Not from my side of the family.

This is more my style.

And here I am in the background, salivating and mentally calculating weight watcher points and miles on the treadmill. It's a lot. On both counts. Just not worth it.. although for just a second, I could picture myself shoving this child aside and cramming the whole egg in my mouth. But that would be in such bad form.

So bad. So bad.

Did I mention I'm training my sorry self to run in my first ever 5k race in July? I've been running for a few weeks now and my knees hate me. My legs look good. But, my two-baby belly refuses to give an inch.

It just laughs and jiggles along with me each night, as every mile I run fades into the distance.

Yoga continues to keep the kids sane. Here Jeff demonstrates while supporting his favorite worthwhile cause.

Hear no evil ... see no evil.

And we end the way we like best - with hugs.

Things we're looking forward to:

1. Surviving spring break this week.
2. Our cousin Arman's first birthday party!
3. Fitting into a cute dress for above-mentioned birthday party.
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