Friday, May 22, 2009

Field Trip.

Poor Beanie.

This week, Jordan went on a field trip with his class to a nature center.

Obviously, he was very excited about it - especially the chance to ride the big, yellow school bus all by himself. That evening at dinner, he told us in detail what he did on the trip, and all the interesting things he saw ("I saw a bear!")


Mina looked crestfallen. Then, she interjected:

Mina: I went on a field trip too!

Jordan: No Mina! You're a Tiny Seed. I'm in Busy Spiders! Only Busy Spiders went on a field trip! You're too little!

Mina: No! I'm not! I'm not too little!! I went on a field trip too!

and so on over the course of the meal.

But I kinda felt bad.

It seems like they work poor Bean so hard at that school, what with all the manual labor in the fields ...

I'm thinking maybe the principal decided to save some money on professional landscapers this year.

So, when Jeff suggested bringing Mina into the city today for a special daddy-lunch, I thought this might be just the thing to cheer her up. I informed her she was going on a special field trip of her own - just me and her, heading into the city for a "special lunch!!"

We got dressed up, she wore her outfit to her regular gym class this morning, and told everyone where she was going after.

To see her daddy! In the city!!

and the view from his new office!

I know where I'll be next New Year Eve. That's the ball right there.

Off to lunch. Jeff's been raving about the sweet potato fries at this place. They did not disappoint.

Mina waits anxiously.

"Come and get it," the beepers said.

She tried.

She liked.

I ate another hamburger. That's two this month, God help me. But it was good.

And Mina had a great time. Of course, at dinner tonight, she made sure Jordan got to hear all the details.

"I went on a field trip to the city!" She said.

Jordan: No you didn't Mina! Only I went on a field trip!

Mina: Yes I did! I saw daddy! I went to the city! I went on a field trip!

And then she looked over at me for confirmation.

Le sigh. I verified her account; and now Jordan thinks all we do on Mina's days off is goof around and go on adventures without him. Later, he informed me he's not going to school on Monday.

Good thing it's Memorial Day.
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