Sunday, May 24, 2009

Projects - The Deck.

About a year ago, Monkey Sr. purchased himself a little fire pit that he intended to park on the deck. He envisioned hanging out there, after the kids were in bed, enjoying a beer around the fire on a chilly evening.

For about a year, that fire pit sat in our garage, still packed in its original box.

Until this weekend!

First, to humor me, Jeff spread some varnish on the deck. (That was really supposed to be the big project, but it remains uncompleted). Then he sent me out to Target to go buy some appropriate lounging deck furniture. I found a couple of pieces that were low-key and hopefully indestructible.

We moved the old bench and chairs further along the deck and set up an umbrella for that section, while reserving the lounge furniture for the fire pit. Jeff likes to call it "the dining room and the living room." He might soon move a bed out there for himself and a flat screen tv too.

I do have to admit, kicking back on the chair felt nice. It might not be Nantucket, and I might not have a Bombay Sapphire and tonic in my hands, but I did feel pretty chill.

And this, dear Reader, is what happens when two lawyers attempt to build an outdoor fire. Some people become engineers, and some people go to law school. I was waiting for our local volunteer firefighters to show up again. We just about smoked out the neighborhood.

Oh great, mighty pit of fire!

Once the smoke cleared, it looked kinda pretty.

The dream, though deferred, has arrived at last.

The problem, of course, is that late night lounging doesn't take into account the 6:00 am awakening time of your four-year old. And yet another reason why our neighbors love us - he was out there in the yard that early. By the way, I bear no responsibility for this outfit. He chose it himself - swim trunks, argyle socks and Spiderman t-shirt and all.

Look how nicely he sets up for the swing!

And then closes his eyes. This move comes to him via his Uncle Osman. He's known for swinging at baseballs with his eyes closed. Right, bro?

Miss Mina, on the other hand, knows there's no crying in this game. Check out this eye of the tiger.

Getting up early has one advantage. By 1:00, this is what they looked like. I caught them "napping" in the guest room - complete with hats pulled out of the winter storage box.
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