Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Review.

Mother's Day - stretched out over the weekend - and involved a lot of eating. That's the short version. We started on Saturday with a trip over a few bridges to Brooklyn. Time for our annual visit to Bubby's in Dumbo. Mina didn't feel like cooperating at picture time.

And Jordan wasn't much better. But they were both incredibly well behaved at the table (gasp!); they ate enormous portions of food; and we spent an enormously disproportionate amount of time in the bathroom. I never thought the day would come when I'd be grumbling about them being potty-trained. But, you know me. If I didn't have something to grumble about, I'd probably keel over and die.

It was fun seeing Grandma H. and giving kisses...

and playing in the park right behind the restaurant ...

I love this one - "Come on Mina! Right here!"

Of course, an ice cream truck was close by. I didn't get this selection at all. But Jordan saw all the illustrations on the side of the truck; and this is the one he wanted.

Naturally, Mina wanted the same thing.

Red crunch-coat topping? Seriously? Moments like this, I wonder whose kids these belong to. Not a lick of chocolate between them. And then, Jeff confided that as a child, he used to love this combination of vanilla ice cream and red coat topping. Ah.. there you go. They look like him, and they eat his ice cream choices.

You have no idea how careful I had to be to avoid getting cherry red all over that white shirt I was wearing. I was eyeing each drip coming off the cone the whole time. I may be smiling, but my brain was thinking Tide-to-Go.

On Sunday, I had the best gift ever - I slept in till 8:00 am! Bliss! Even better was that Mina slept in longer. She made it till almost 8:15. I managed to get a run in that morning, while Jeff watched the kids. We then headed to the local park, following a long walk. We had a very informal lunch with the kids at Dunkin' Donuts (kid friendly eating establishments are few and far between in our town). They ate bagels and croissants like Atkins was coming back in style tomorrow. I watched the butter dripping off of Jordan's bagel and had to restrain my finger from reaching over on its own to scoop it up.

Later that evening, Jeff took me out to dinner at an awesome restaurant in the city - Park Avenue Spring. Veeeery nice. We ate well, indulged a bit. And then, as we were driving home, we really got crazy and decided to stop for an after-dinner drink.

It's like we thought we were young again. And then we really indulged and I went all crazy and ate half a plate of sweet potato fries at Waterfront Ale House.

And that's when I knew I had really celebrated Mother's Day in earnest. Nothing rocks Mother's Day like a plate of sweet potato fries.
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