Sunday, June 14, 2009

And the sun finally came out.

It's been a pretty dismal week. For days, the rain has been coming down, Jordan's been home sick, and we've been going stir crazy. The kids have taken to hitting the tea cups again.

Conveniently filled with orange juice.

And then shoving the cup up one's nose. This is what happens when you're cooped up in the house for three days.

Despite the gloom, there were some bright moments. On Saturday, we had a farewell dinner with Audrey and Richard, at Cafe Boulud. Naturally, I didn't have my camera, but Audrey got a nice shot of dessert with her handy phone/blackberry.

The restaurant was fantastic; and I'm almost giddy that I got to eat at two Daniel Boulud establishments in one year. Unheard of. His restaurants are amazing. The menus are always filled with fabulous options and seasonal choices. And often, what seems like simple ingredient combinations are prepared so perfectly, you just wonder how someone can get it so right. Simple is hard! Anyone can throw together a stew mixed with tons of ingredients so everything blends together and basically tastes good. It's much harder to do something simple, like scallops, over a bed of fresh peas with baby carrots - and have it rise to the level of bliss.

It was really a treat - made even better by the company.

And while the kids definitely enjoyed the visit, what really rocked their world was the three night party they had in Mina's room. We got to try out her trundle bed, for the first time ever - and boy, did the kids have fun with that. Jordan slept on the trundle bed, while Mina camped out in her regular bed. The first night ... well, you can imagine the par-tay that was going on. Complete pandemonium. It got better after that, and they actually managed to sleep.

Four days later, they are still talking about the trundle bed, and asking when they can have another "camp out."


And finally, the sun came out today, and the kids got outside.

Perfect bubble blowing weather. I don't know how he managed to get his leg/feet in this position and maintain his balance. It must be all that yoga.

The beautiful weather required formal wear. Miss Mina decided to wear her princess gown out into the yard.

I mean, really, what else would you wear?

And while they entertained themselves under the watchful eye of Monkey, Sr., I scored a deal on a trifle bowl at a local yardsale. Yay! I love me some garage sales. It's taken me forever to finally figure out the correct etiquette for bargaining down on prices. Some people are good at that. Not me. Some people can just walk up to the seller and say, "I'll give you --- for this." I can't get that tone right.

Instead, what works for me is just asking, "Would you consider going lower on this price?" And nine times out of ten, they will. And if they name a price that I still think is too high... I just pause. And in the seconds of that pause, they might even go lower. Like today's bowl. Never underestimate the power of an awkward silence.

I don't haggle a lot. It's not something I'm very good at. But I do like a bargain, especially on serving dishes/kids toys, and knickknacks for the house. And I think it's almost expected, to some degree, at a yard sale, no?
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