Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Celebrating.

Busy times indeed.

With family visiting from California, some of the East Coast contingent got a chance to get together and celebrate. We all ate our way through the weekend, starting with an awesome BBQ at Julie and Jason's house.

While the grown-ups mingled, Jordan and Mina got a chance to get wet and wild in the backyard. No pictures of it, but they tried out a wet slide - very funny. And then, they recreated the experience on the swingset.

Jordan's suit is borrowed. I don't normally dress him in a Fudgie the Whale unitard. But it sort of suits him in a 1920's Coney Island kinda way. Jeff was less than amused with the outfit, but I thought it was cute. It takes a real man to wear a unitard. And it could be worse.. it could be a speedo.

Put down the cup kid.

Playing a little golf.

And though you can't see me, I'm standing in the corner somewhere praying Jordan doesn't take his cousin's head off with the club.

Jordan and Skylar were the first to make it to the dessert bar. Here, you can see the demonstrably different parenting styles in action. Skylar reaches straight for the fruit. And my son is about to take on that entire cake all by himself. I'm so proud.

What could be more exciting than a quick nap, post lunch?

I'll tell you what - playing with a brand new set of toys! Here Mina indulges her inner Taliban with her frantic attempt to cover her half nekkid Barbie. With a sky-blue sparkle burqa, of course. The Barbie dream bus was almost as hooked up as our Town and Country minivan. I usually dress a little more conservatively, though.

Jordan's choice of transport was much more refined.

Later, Mina spent some time catching up with the cousins.

And others did the same.

The bright almost-Summer light on the deck was a welcome relief in contrast to the rain we've had all week.

Nothing says serious conversation as much as a red plastic cup. If that cup contained the same thing I was drinking the whole party, I'm guessing the conversation was a good one.

And just as things started to calm down - it was music time .

Followed by karaoke dance party!!

Jeff's turn.

There was also celebrating!

Happy Birthday Sherry!

The celebrating continued on Monday.

Helene's birthday dinner at a Greek restaurant - Axia Taverna.

A few selections from our table - steak. Because, obviously, what else would you order at a Greek restaurant. Right, Jeff?

"Why look - it's smiling at me!"

I forget the name of this; but it was some type of seafood cassoulet, filled with shrimp, scallops, a jumbo prawn, orzo and a tomato base.

And the biggest quail I've ever seen.

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