Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Festivities.

Preparations for Father's Day began during the week. A quick crafty idea later, and we were all set. Thanks to our friend MB, who did this craft with her kids and generously shared the idea with me. Jordan and Mina supplied the graphics. Off to a secret corner to hide until Sunday.

On Saturday, we were blessed with yet more rain, and a still-recovering Mina. While Jeff worked in the basement (hard working lawyers never take a day off), I decided to make cupcakes with my own Click and Clack. They are about as useful at baking as those two are at fixing your car over the radio.

They are good at decorating though, provided they get to sample along the way.

But, not so good at posing.

Jeff's best cupcake-eatin' grin.

The good part.

On Sunday morning, while everyone slept, I woke up early and made breakfast. What says Father's Day better than some homemade sticky buns? I can't complain too much about making breakfast - Jeff does it for the kids every other day of the year. I usually stumble downstairs slightly later to make them lunch for school, and drink coffee. Jeff always leaves me alone until well after the coffee.

One of these days, the kids can get up on their own and make breakfast. In the meantime, here's Mina eating some of the breakfast I made for Jeff.

She's not so good at helping.

In fact, she's kind of a demanding little thing, actually.

Not to mention a bit bossy. She's got all of us working for her.

Eventually, she let Jeff sit down to open his card - made by Jordan.

And open his presents too.

Later, we went out to dinner, so Jeff could enjoy his steak in piece.

And then got up early on Monday to keep celebrating. The school arranged for some Father's Day bowling at the local lanes.

Picking out the right ball is critical. Never mind the actual weight of it, or anything trivial like that. Color, people - it's all about the color. Look how brilliantly that shiny, 15-lb pink ball glows. Why mess around with the dinky little 8 pounders when you could have this one?

Jordan is such a pro at this, he just grabbed his ball and ran with it. Literally. His form can only be fully appreciated if you realize how low he is to the ground to begin with. That is one deep knee bend.

And, apparently, it works.

Thirsty business - this bowling thing.

Mina gave up quickly and spent several frames consuming calories. I like her style.

Jordan came over for some strategizing

Which was a good thing, since one of our team members - Sydney - emerged as the dark horse in the mix.

And they waited for their turns, patiently. What more could you ask for??

Happy Father's Day!
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