Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Madeleine Memory.


I got a chance to use one of the birthday gifts I got this year. So cool! For the kitchen-gadget challenged, it's a mango peeler! You just put the tool on top, push down, and it slices it into two even halves. Much easier to peel and dice this way.

I love them plain, or chopped into salsas, or mixed in with salads. Jordan loves them as a snack. Mina nibbles on them. The one thing I've never liked is mango lassis. I know, strike me dead.

Now, if only I could find some decent ones in the store. I'm usually stuck with the ones from Mexico. They're too pulpy, and fibrous. The sweet part is never fully formed through. I've tried the ones from Coscto - the champagne mangoes. Eh. Too small, not enough flavor. I know that the ban on Indian mangoes was lifted a few years ago, and I actually got my hands on some last year from Fairway, but they had to ripen still and were outrageously expensive.

You know when you have a memory of biting into that perfect piece of fruit, from eons ago? Nothing ever replicates it. One of the most vivid memories I have of Pakistan - and we're talking at least 25 plus years since I last visited there - is biting into a ripe mango at my grandfather's house.

We got to talking about this one night on the deck. Maybe it was the the wine talking.

"I can totally still taste that thing in my mind," I said. Others had vivid recollections of things like the perfect slice of watermelon, or the perfect peach. Of course, you know, there is no mango in the world that is going to live up to my mental fantasy.
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