Monday, June 15, 2009

The Real Wildlife of NJ.

Yep. There they are.

And if that isn't enough for you, feast your eyes on the other little beasties who've made themselves at home in my yard.

Jeff is under the impression that this is a hedgehog.

"No way," I said. As demonstrated by Cute Overload, this is a hedgehog: Look at that cute little face! Those teeny-tiny little paws!

I think that furry thing in our backyard is a beaver. His tail doesn't seem as fully formed as an adult beaver, but his features look the same.

According to Wikipedia. I dunno...

Anyone? Please let it not be a rat. There's only so much I can take this week.

Regardless of where this thing falls on the scale of fuzzy to repulsive, there's one member of the family who is not too pleased.

Knowing full well there was no chance in hell Oscar would be able to catch this thing, I let him out because when you're stuck at home with a sick kid for the second week in a row... you need a good laugh.

And sure enough, Oscar did not disappoint. He charged. The thing waddled off, his fur barely ruffled by the effort...

A day late, and a dollar short. Right, Oscar?
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