Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Even my eyelids feel fat."

The funniest line I heard today.

I can certainly sympathize. I've definitely had days like that. More than I'd like to remember. I like food. A lot. What can I say?

But, I will also say is that what has really kept my weight in check these past few months is running. Since I started in March, a few runs a week, of 3-5 miles, has allowed me to be a lot more relaxed about what I eat. I run a bit, and thus I obsess about calories a little less. I've also found a certain peace in the process. My mind clears, I feel the joy of tackling concrete problems (can I make it to the top of this hill? Can I sprint fast enough to catch this light? Can I get all the way to Pal Park and be home within an hour?) Little problems, of course.

The funny thing is that once I've tackled those, I get home and everything else seems a little more manageable.

A few things I've learned. I hate running at the track. I've done it a couple times this summer, and it generally sucks for me. Although, I am amused by people. Like this guy. His t-shirt had me laughing the whole time.

"Old Guys Rule!"

I loved the attitude.

I want one for myself. Not the guy. The shirt. Maybe something along these lines:

"30 year old mamas with two kids RULE!"
"Cranky bitches who love chocolate RULE"
"Women with two kids 18 months apart and grey hair RULE!"


I do like running with company - thanks Nataliya. But I also like running solo too. And oddly enough, I prefer to leave the Ipod at home. There's something about feeling the air, listening to the sound of my breathing, and hearing the way my feet crush the asphalt that appeals to me. I run with the Ipod on occasion when I want to blot out the experience. When I want to experience it in full, I leave it. I can feel the wind on my face better.

Another thing I've realized is that you have to have a goal. You have to have something to train for. Since completing my first 5K in July, I've been training to run in a charity race on September 13 called the Komen Race for the Cure. It's a 5k run/walk in support of breast cancer research and awareness training. Having a goal - especially a worthy one - keeps me motivated.

I want to thank all my awesome friends and family for helping me reach my fundraising goal - in one day!! That was pretty exciting. I've never done charity run before, and asking for money was a foreign concept to me. But you all came through in a big way. Thanks for that.

I'll be thinking of you all this Sunday. And about those running in honor of loved ones.

If you'd like to donate, you still have time, You can help me by donating here. It's all online. It's a good cause. They do great work.

Some of us learn to love running. Some of us seem born to run.

Or play basketball. Whatever.
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