Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween!!! My favorite holiday of the year. And this year's bounty of photo opportunities proved to be fun as ever. Behold! My costumed freaks!

Just kidding.

Here they are - presenting, Chef Jordan. Like I always say, never trust a skinny chef.

And of course, "Pink" Princess Mina. I don't know what this look is about. She's practicing for her teen years.

The town holds an annual Halloween parade. This year, they began the parade at a new location - the renovated park and dog run located not far from our house. In the minutes before the dedication and speeches, we got to meet up with friends and admire costumes.

Again, I have no idea what is going on here but I can assure you, we'll be keeping close tabs on her as she gets older.

Mina and Olivia.

Like all good meetings, the best ones are made only just tolerable by the assortment of pastry available for consumption. Here, Jordan eats a chocolate croissant while the mayor makes a speech.

The parade begins.

And it continued... a good half mile or so down Broad Avenue. As you can see, the degree of cooperation began to wane as the route continued. Mina hit outright defiance about 100 yards into it, and I had to carry her.

Our destination - the town rec center, decked out in full Halloween spookiness. You can see they are trying to walk that fine line between being cute and cuddly for the younger set, and creepy-eerie for the tweens who still participate.

Mina enters the witch's lair.

We wised up this year and skipped the long line for the picture in favor of just letting them decamp in the center of the gym.

We did manage a few pictures with friends.

As we left the rec center, Jordan seemed especially pleased with himself. A mini-snickers bar might have something to do with that.

At home, we worked on our pumpkins. This year we did painting, carving, and "Potato Head" accessorizing.

Voila - Mina and her princess pumpkin

After lunch, and a failed attempt at nap, we headed out for trick or treating.

I'm always pleased to see a good Halloween set up.

And I love the little bits of creepy.

Jordan wasn't fazed at all by this. Mina freaked just a bit.

But she's game for posing next to cute signs.

We joined up with friends on their block for some group trick or treating.

Which is definitely more fun.

David was kind enough to hold hands with Mina for much of the walk.

It could be a little spooky.

Jordan and Maximo. I love how he's using the hook to hold the pumpkin.

A rare group shot. Mina's actually in there somewhere. She might have snuck into the house - she had a tendency to do that. Jordan also felt comfortable enough to start asking random strangers for a drink of water. I'm surprised he wasn't asking to use their bathrooms, but I guess I can anticipate that for another year.

Happy Halloween!
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