Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween preview..

Halloween party posing..

Halloween... it's not just for kids anymore. This is the infamous "Bunny." She accompanied Mina to the Halloween party at school today, dressed in coordinating Princess costume. In fact, Bunny has been accompanying Mina to school every day this year. I was under the impression that Bunny was just keeping Mina company at naptime. Judging from the school pictures they sent home today, it appears Bunny spends the entire day with Mina.

Yep.. there he is, tucked in her lap at music time with Kimmy Schwimmy.

And there he is again, posing among the princesses and her nap buddy in the Spiderman costume.


I'm pleased to report that Jordan's got no time for this silliness these days. As he pointed out tonight he was "too busy" to come over and take pictures. He would rather spend his time drawing and writing out words and making signs. I'm astounded by how much he's learning in school this year. His handwriting is amazing, and even more exciting is how he's putting letters together on his own to spell out words, recognizing words in books we read and saying them, and putting two word sentences together. Coming from someone with a lifelong LOVE of books, I'm so excited to see him on the verge of learning to read for himself.

I finally convinced him to come over and pose once I showed him how the self-timer worked.

Of course, as you can see from this layout, I still need a little practice with it myself.
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