Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Kinda Birthday.

We spent this past weekend enjoying back to back birthdays. I say "we" because I think I might have enjoyed them about as much as my kids did.

In particular, I'd highly recommend throwing your next kiddie birthday at a chocolatier-establishment where kids can dip fun stuff into chocolate, and walk home with their own hand-crafted chocolate pizza.


Round one - the dipping. First you start with a plate of this.

Then you do some of this.

Try to avoid the prying grown-up paws that keep interfering.

A little bit of chocolate ... and you get some of this!

And this!

Pizza making consisted of shaping a disk from melted chocolate into a circle...

What I love about this picture is the look of sheer delight in the chef/owner's face. Everyone should love their job this much. She looks downright gleeful. I suppose I would too if I were surrounded by luscious goodness all day long. I'd also have three chins and waddle like a penguin, but I digress.

And then the fun part - decorating. With oreo cookie crumbs and gummy worms, of course. Because obviously, what else would you want on your chocolate pizza?

He concurs.

I can claim some responsibility for this.
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