Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weekend Getaway.

One thing about going back to work full time - you really learn to appreciate the weekends more. With only a couple of days to work with, we try to cram in as much as we can. This weekend, for example, we spent some time with Grandma H enjoying a change of scenery in the Poconos.

We're here!

The weekend included a trip to the Great Pumpkin Festival. There was enough there to keep the kids occupied well past nap time.

hay mazes..

Apple skeet rollin'

Costumed characters..

Fun house slides.

This kid is getting pretty brave in his old age.

Grandma H broke out the Williams-Sonomo appleskivver pancake griddle and created a breakfast fit for kings.

Voila! Chocolate chip pancakes. In 3D.

The weekend passed in a blur.

Serenaded as we were by the happy sounds of two preschoolers playing duets. Bwahhh haha!

Despite being far from home, Mina still managed to get her hands on a dress up Princess gown.

While Jordan enjoyed the fresh air and foliage.

Us grown ups found some distractions as well.

The Poconos wine trail.

Just a quick nip to ease into the afternoon.
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