Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cough-cough. Hack, hack.

Today was my first official sick day.

The trouble is, sick days are no fun when you are actually sick.

I had every intention of going to work today. I woke up at my usual 5:00 am. Without the alarm... which is a good thing, since Jeff never remembers to set it anyway. I stumbled into the shower. But first I admired the way five hours of sleep had managed to bloat my face and make my hair stand on end. Yet look - you could still see the streaks of grey right down the middle! Nice.

I got dressed.

I didn't bother with too much makeup since no amount of cover-girl foundation, M.A.C blush, and L'Oreal eyeliner can fix this. I pulled back the wet hair into my favorite look of the season - stringy coils held together with a stretched out black hair band. Again-classic.

For some unknown reason, Jordan decided to wake up early - i.e 5:30. I helped him get ready while Jeff showered. We went downstairs and I desperately tried to get the coffee thing happening before I hit critical meltdown. Jordan wasn't making things easier, but it's hard to be mad at someone who just wants you to come into the office and color with him.

Got him breakfast. Got me coffee. And then I began coughing all over the place. My chest hurt, I felt shivery and cold, despite being dressed in a full suit and turtleneck blouse. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep. While coughing up a lung into my kleenex I debated whether the world would end if I skipped work today. I decided that few people in this world, myself included, do anything so necessary that they have to be at work under any circumstances.

I blame this on the sick woman from the bus last week. Argh.. the sick woman on the bus. Damn her. Jeff can attest as to the looks of pure death I was sending her way last week as she coughed her way nonstop the entire duration of the ride.

Please people.... please, please, please.... do not ride the bus, get on the subway (next to me. Argh I hate the subway) or go to work when you are so sick you can't stop coughing the entire 45 minutes it takes to get to Manhattan.


So. I have her viruses. I stayed home. I emailed my boss to let him know. After the kids were bundled off to school, I went back to bed. Two hours later, one of our staff called me on my cell to ask if I was coming to work. I hacked away into the phone saying I had emailed said boss to let him know I wasn't coming in.

Apparently, my boss was so sick he wasn't coming in either...

As I was on the phone, I heard the home phone ringing. The secretary was calling in to see where I was. My blackberry started buzzing with an email from human resources calling to see where I was.

Things have really changed since I worked there last.

What I did manage to do today was sleep. Play on the computer. Drink fake Robitussen. Cough a lot. Attend parent-teacher conference. Eat junk food. Do some research for work, email some people about work stuff. And gorge myself on hot and sour soup from the local Chinese place. Very productive things.

I watched some tivo'd Oprah from earlier in the week - hello Sarah Palin. Thank you for reminding me why I didn't vote for you.

And that's about it.

Sick days. No fun.

Hot and sour soup,junk food, and tivo - yay.
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