Thursday, November 05, 2009

November 5, 2009

Five years.

There are some birthdays you remember when you get the invitation in the mail.

And there are some birthdays you never forget because they are written across your heart.

Dear Breanna, today would have been your fifth birthday. We can only imagine what you would be doing now were you here. Would you be in school? Would you be laughing and smiling and dressing up as a princess for Halloween?

We don't know what you might have done had you lived Breanna. But we do know what you managed to do in the short time you were here. You saved another human being.

My son.

And that makes you a hero so many times over.

It's with bittersweet tears I wish you peace on this, your special day. I wish your soul is at rest and you are watching your mommy far up in Heaven.

Thank you Breanna.

Now and forever.

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