Sunday, November 08, 2009

Transplant Reunion 2009

Today, we had the opportunity to go to the hospital for something fun for a change. It was the annual Heart Transplant Reunion.

We started celebrating at home, of course. Getting dressed up gets us all crazy like that. Here we're waltzing to the theme song to "Sleeping Beauty." I'm singing - "I know you." Thankfully, the kids appear to be completely tone deaf, so they're having a grand old time.

Of course, putting on the fancy clothes means prime picture taking opportunities.

Yep, another one.

And again.

This year marked the 25th anniversary for Jordan's primary cardiologist. Dr. A and her team have been there for many of the kids that have grown up to come back and help her celebrate. That was inspiring.

And though you can't see her here, in the distance at the podium is one of those individuals. "T." is a 20 year plus heart transplant survivor who got her second chance at 12. She's now gone on through college and graduate school, and become a pediatric occupational therapist, who works at the hospital. It was such a rare gift to see how transplant life might look like down the road. Maybe it seems odd to think that way. For most parents, you can kind of chart the course of life you hope your child will take. But for us, there's a lot we just don't know. Seeing a survivor who's living a healthy, happy life twenty years post transplant is a glimpse into the future we hope we can share one day.

When there's hope, you can believe.
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