Sunday, January 10, 2010

And this week..

Apparently, this week's lesson at school was hip hop dance moves or throwing down gang signs. I can't tell from the school pictures they sent home.

Now that the holidays are over, I acknowledge I gained just a teeny bit of weight. Maybe this much.. bwah ha ha.. Who am I kidding. I can barely fit in to any of my work clothes. And my home and casual outfits have been reduced to pajamas and the one pair of big ass corduroys from Costco. So if you see me wearing them around town, at Shop Rite, or in my days off - now you know why. I don't fit into anything else, and I swore to myself years ago I would never be the kind of mom who walked around town wearing her pajamas and acting like that was a perfectly normal way of behaving. Although, I might have to reevaluate that opinion.

This weekend was back to back birthdays. It was also another opportunity to remind the kids that life isn't always fair. Some of us are invited to some birthday parties, and some of us are invited to others and that's just the way it is. No reason to cry about it. Or revoke your invitation to your sister to attend your own birthday party.

It's always fun explaining life lessons to an about-to-turn 5 year old. Five. Can you believe this? We have a party planned for next week. Someone is very excited about it.

"Bunny's starting to look like a drunken prom date," Jeff said. Our kids supply us with a never-ending stream of comic relief. And their cuddlies too.

And for no real reason than just because, here's my list of new year's resolutions.

1. I'm cutting back on crap tv. I refuse to get sucked into American Idol this year. I am also not watching Gossip Girl, movies I've already seen 1,000 times just because they are on again (Shawshank Redemption, Terms of Endearment, 16 Candles, the Breakfast Club, Etc.) I'm debating whether to eliminate the Real Housewives... but I just love them so. I am going to keep Law & Order in the rotation, because, as Jeff pointed out - it serves a work function. And I have to watch the Tudors when it starts again because that's sort of literary. And it doesn't start till April anyway.. I'm also eliminating Oprah and Martha from my tivo lineup. What's the point, I never watch them anyway.

2. I'm going to run, walk, hobble my way through the Boulder-Boulder 10K in May. A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor because my leg was bothering me a lot. She said I had this thing called medial tibial stress syndrome - also known as shin splints. She told me to stop running for a couple weeks. And I agreed I would.. except I decided to do that after my New Years Day 5k. Everything went fine... I was running slow, keeping a steady..SLOW pace.. till I saw the finish line about 800 or so meters ahead, and decided to sprint it. Shaving those three second off my time has not been worth the excruciating pain I have been in since. But I am off running for a few weeks and then will gradually start again in anticipation of the 10k. Not running has sucked big time. I've been depressed, eating out of control, and have gained weight. Obviously. Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and just schedule some of the physical therapy she recommended to get back in the game. Boy do I feel old.

3. I figure if I give up crap tv, and the daily evening run, I can accomplish one of two things. I can get my house organized. (sigh) Or I can read more. I'm going to do the latter. I'm going to read twelve Nobel Prize winning works, penned by the 12 women authors who have won since the inception of the prize. Different, right?

4. I'm going to try and blog regularly again. I've slacked off a lot since I started working. Even if it means just pictures, or borrowing ideas from other sources, I'm going to keep this updated. Or decide to just give it up if it's no longer fun.
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