Thursday, January 28, 2010


Poor Beanie.
She managed to pick up the bug that knocked Jordan out a couple of days ago.
This is what happens when you're inseparable.

Except now, she looks like this.

She tried to smile when I pulled out the camera.

But then, she went back to this.

Jordan's been really helpful.

He's got the cow playing sick on the couch next to Mina.

Complete with throw-up bucket and glass of water.

Shifting gears now to happy things.....

Pretty sparklies here.

Funniest blog post of the week: at Mais Fica

New recipe tried this week:

Salmon Croquettes with RĂ©moulade by Cooking Light. Recipe here.

Jeff liked them. I thought, "eh." And too many damn ingredients again. Come on, Cooking Light! I've been up since 5:00 am. I spend three hours a day commuting. I have a full time, stressful job and two young kids. How about printing up some recipes that don't require three pots and pans and a laundry list of ingredients? All I want to do is cook healthy things that translate into meals of 8 points or less for dinner. Next time, I'm just ordering sushi.

OMG, Bakerella never stops. Snowman pops.
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