Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sundays to remember.

First off - a deep round of condolences to my fellow Jets fans. Although the boys in green won't be in the Superbowl this year (sigh), this was quite a season.

In other news..

This week's school picture. Cute, but also clearly, time for a haircut.

This morning, I was helping Jordan with his homework. After he finished, Mina hopped on the chair next to him to help him embellish some of his crayon work.

I kicked back, just enjoying them play together. In the background, the classic rock station was playing on the radio (I get sick of listening to the kiddie stuff all the time, so on occasion I put on my Ipod or the radio... and ok, it wasn't the classic rock station, it was the "lite FM" station, but whatever.)

Suddenly I heard Eric Clapton playing "Tears in Heaven," and I had to leave the table.

I went out of sight by the sink because I didn't want the kids to see me crying. I thought about the back story to the song. I pictured his son. I could still listen Mina and Jordan behind me, discussing which colors to use to illustrate the homework assignment. I sniffed, and came back to the table to supervise and clean up the remains of the snacks.

And so passed our morning.
Blissfully ordinary, as we can only hope for.

We're so lucky. And so blessed.

On a lighter note...

Here's my dear husband cooking meals for our dog, Oscar. Oscar hasn't eaten commercial dog food in years. So, anytime you feel like you're spoiling your pet, just think about us - out there buying human grade chicken thighs for our dog at Costco, and the looks on the faces of the Chinese store owners when we march in there and request 4 quarts of white rice. Yep, that's it. Just the rice, ma'am.

Cooking skills run in the family. Check out Jordan's latest creation - a pizza restaurant, in blocks - with his own hand made awning.

Another reason why I will never be mom of the year, ever. Because I can't sew, and am content to let the child run around in her faux-princess dress with her bum hanging out.

And finally ... because video is how I will repay them in the future..

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