Friday, February 12, 2010

Day two ...

of Jeff's absence.. we're digging ourselves out of the snow during the day..

and I'm spending the evenings indulging in marathon sessions of "Platinum Weddings" on WE (as opposed to Wii) and prosecco. These women are spending more on flowers than I did for my entire college tuition.

There's no one sitting next to me commenting snarkily.

The kids had a ridiculously busy day. I want their lives - a half day of school, a Valentine's Day party, a romp outside building snowmen, and an afternoon playdate. WHY ARE THEY STILL AWAKE AND TALKING IN THEIR BEDS??

Thankfully, I had the day off from work, so I could participate in some of this.

I was enlisted to bring snacks into school for the party. I promised Jordan, I would do a repeat of the strawberry mice from last year. But by the time I set about doing it last night, I was so exhausted. I'd been up since 4:30 in the morning. I had been at work for over ten hours, I had commuted for three, I had been making up work from the day before due to the blizzard. By task time - I was just done.

As a compromise, I made four strawberry mice, two for each of the kids. For Jordan and Mina's class, I arranged the strawberries on a pretty platter with white yogurt covered pretzels, and convinced myself that the kids would not care.

They did not look like this:

But, my kids were still pretty happy in the morning.

After school, we hit the front yard. I can't wait till shovelling snow becomes a routine winter assignment.

It's not that easy to see when you're bundled up like a big pink marshmallow.

Yes, I take full responsibility for this creation. Yes, I also realize it's lopsided. Did I mention I've been operating on less than five hours of sleep a night for the past five months?

It really became a race against time, so to speak. The kids were busy "helping" by chiseling away at the snow, as I was rapidly trying to stack it up into a giant ball. The technique is one I read about on Kelly's Korner. Her husband's snowman was pretty impressive.

Then I got to clean this mess up. Don't you just love winter? I had to quickly peel off the snowy, wet layers, make sure everything stayed in the hallway, and brush off the cold snow from little fingers. Later, as the kids napped, I got to vacuum up all the salt that we brought in from the driveway.

And dry off the gear on the radiator and on the sun shelf.

As the kids ate lunch, I unpacked their school bags. Valentine's Day party goodies.. oh Lord.

Times two. And this isn't even all of it. There was more in the bags that I discovered later.

Amidst all the trinkets and store bought tchotchkes... there was one standout. Handmade, felt Valentines from our friends. Amazing job, Nataliya. Especially since I know how many you made and how many nights you were up doing it.

The candy was the usual sort. Except for this thing. After lunch, I let the kids pick out one thing. Mina picked out a lollipop, but Jordan was smart. He grabbed a box. Inside was a huge handful of these odd little crispie things. They were filled with chocolate. He called me over to tell me what this one said.

Never seen anything like it. But extremely cute.
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