Saturday, February 13, 2010

The days seem to be getting longer..

yet, there's still plenty of snow on the ground.

After a long morning of arts and crafts (7:30 - 9:30) it felt like it was time to get outside .. before we all killed each other. So, I took the kids sledding with some friends. Look at Mina's face. We haven't even gone down the hill yet and she's got her eyes closed.

This hill was slick! It's been getting a lot of use this week, and by the time we hit it today, the surface was smooth and frozen. Perfect for climbing up. [insert sarcasm].

But, the kids had a great time.

Yes, that is a crushed cardboard box my son is using to sled down the hill. No, I did not encourage him to use our recycle-ables to go sledding. The kids found it on the hill and discovered it worked as well as a sled. This kind of reminded me of college, when we would borrow trays from the cafeterias and use them to sled on the hills behind campus. Don't ask. I went to a state school.

Yes, that is my daughter making poor David drag her around on the sled. I don't know how I missed the exchange where she got him to agree to this. Manipulation. She's learned it early on. She must get it from her father.

Later that afternoon, after a nice long nap for all us, I pulled out one of Jordan's birthday gifts. "Gobblet Gobblers" is one of those parent-approved toys, with a seal of approval sticker on the box. I pulled it out of the gift pile (which I keep stored in the basement and ration out over the course of the year) because it looked simple enough for me to understand, had only a few pieces, and seemed like it might keep the kids attention.

It's basically a glorified version of tic-tac-toe. With the grid assembled (four pieces), you use the wacky gobblers as markers for each square. The clever part is that the gobblers come in various sizes. If you want to take over a square used by an opponent, you can do so, provided you have a large enough gobbler to eat him.

Jordan figured it out quickly.

Miss Mina is still working on the "good sport" concept. Like mother-like daughter. We don't like losing.

She took it to a whole other level though.

This one didn't really help matters. Anytime he won, he burst into a jig.
Again.. we're working on the "good sport" concept.

Despite the range of kid reactions, I liked the game a lot. It's got a bit more strategy than most of the board games we have.

Recommended age 5+

There's a reason for that. Sometimes it seems like Mina is 3, going on 15, but then, times like this illustrate she's still just a little one. According to her, they both should have won.


They made up though.

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