Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog day.

Boo - they tell me the groundhog saw his shadow today. So, what's that? 6 more weeks of winter? Bah!

Got my mind on other things.

#1. Hurray for new cousins! Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Parvez. My brother and sister in law just had their second child. We're very excited! Still no name as of this date. Boy names are hard. Jordan voted for "Logan," which is the name of some kid that appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba. There's a good reason for naming your kid something.

#2. This summer, will mark my 20 year high school graduation. Can you believe this? I need to find something good to wear. Evening event, I assume. I'm thinking cute little dress. Minus about ten pounds I've seemed to put on over the winter. Good dress suggestions welcome. Is this too much?

#3. Good news - I tested out the treadmill again yesterday after a month's forced absence. Not too bad. I think once I'm back on my running game the extra padding will come off quickly.

#4. One's becoming a dad all over again, and the other is travelling the world. My other brother, Osman, has been travelling through India and Pakistan with his wife, Dallice. Great pics and commentary up on his site. So jealous!!
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