Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm ready to retire and move to Miami.

Thursday morning, February 25th - I watch as the snow begins to fall from the sky in big heaping clusters. School is still open, but as I learn later, it will close at 12:00. I learn this well after I packed the kids lunch boxes with "2nd breakfast," snack one plus beverage, lunch plus beverage, and snack two.

I mentally make plans to try and leave work early.

photo courtesy of NJ star-ledger.

I left work at 1:30. I got back to town by 4:00. My car was parked on the main drag and was buried. Poor planning on my part. It looked much like the picture above, except the snow was higher and was a combination of snow and wet slush - snush. I cleaned off the car and dug myself out. Fifteen attempts of steering backwards and forwards between two parked cars, and "rocking" my way out - I was on the road.

I had the brilliant idea to try and grab some milk and bread from the store.

Bad idea.

I got stuck in a tricky skid on an uphill side street and had to coast backwards down the hill to get out of it. In the process, I learned our car is front wheel drive. I credit my upbringing as a upstate new york girl, which got me through that skid. Others might have panicked. I let gravity do the work. But I decided it was time to head home.

Our nanny, bless her heart, picked up some milk with her husband, in their four-wheel-drive car. Her husband came by and did one round of shovelling on the front walk. That was kind.

After the kids went to bed, about three hours later, I went outside and tackled it again. It had not stopped snowing once. There were another three inches on the ground. I shovelled the steps, the walk, the sidewalk and the driveway. Then collapsed on the couch. The snow continued.

Friday, February 26th - it looked like this. In other words, blanketed.

It didn't look like I had done anything!

School was cancelled. I called into work and took a personal day. Personal day to shovel and grumble and curse under my breath. Once upon a time, I used my personal days on my birthday to go to the spa and massage away the stress. What the hell was I stressed about back then, I wonder? I was single, child-free and renting a great rent-stabilized apartment in Brooklyn, with nothing but my state school law school loan to pay off. I had loads of disposable income and happily spent money on clothes with single-digit numbers on them.

While it continued snowing, I debated how to tackle the situation. I decided the first thing to do was help out the furriest member of our family. I dug him a clearing out in the backyard.

Since there was absolutely no hope of giving him a real walk today. And, as I've discovered, Oscar needs a patch of grass these days to get down to business.

The side of the house looked like this. A little "snow falling on cedars," anyone?

The snow continued to fall, with short breaks in between. I turned the tv on for the kids, left the front door open, and Oscar in charge, then hit the driveway, steps, walk and sidewalk again. Two hours later, it looked like this. My arms felt like they would fall off. The real pain didn't kick in till the next day though. Oh, and ps... all that shovelling did nothing when I hit the scale the next day.

Being cooped up in the house for three days can make you a little..


Mina and I played beauty salon for a bit. Here's her first unofficial manicure. I did a bang-up job as usual. Look at the smear on the bottom of her hand. She didn't notice.

The best part was when she asked me why my nails were never painted. I replied, "I don't know, it's hard to find time to do them."

She said, "Well, I have lots of time."

I stared down at the blisters on my palm from the shovel. I thought about our neighbor who was out there shovelling with his teenage daughter, and nodded.

We also did a lot of this....

and some of this...

And a heck of a lot of this... I sort of waited till the kids went to bed.

Saturday, February 27th, the roads were clear enough to get some errands done. Our friends graciously offered to watch the kids while I got stuff done. The kids first-ever solo playdate! Hurray!! I cancelled my dentist appointment in favor of more critical things.

Off to Costco I go.

When I got home, I realized I had blocked off the garage entrance and sidesteps with snow. That's the usual entrance for all things Costco-related. Good thing the sled was still in the trunk.

Did I mention how much I detest winter?

Really. Loathe it.

Any comments related to the joys of skiing, snowmobiling, cozy fires, will be immediately deleted.

I'm so over it. I'm counting down the days till I hit optional retirement. I'm moving to an early retirement community down South where I can play tennis all day, let myself get as fat as I want, hit happy hour every night, get my nails done once a week, and become the bingo champion of the world.
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