Saturday, February 06, 2010

These kids...

Fridays are a good place to be. Fridays are the end of the week, I have two days of non-commuting to look forward to. And Fridays are uniform days. I love uniform days. Jordan makes it nice and easy. We lay out the greens the night before, no fuss, no muss.

Naturally, it's not that simple with this one. Fridays have always been a source of contention for her. "Uniform day" signals the death knell for this fashionista. I'd pull out the uniform and we're talking tears, here. For weeks, I suffered through this morning ritual, until I had the belatedly brilliant idea to suggest that she try and accessorize the uniform up a bit.

"Why don't you try and make it pretty, Mina?" I said. Little did I know...

It started with her just wearing a tutu on top. That's cute. Baby pink.. bit of sparkly glitter sewn into the thread... Now, it's devolved into skirt, purse, bracelets, headband and coordinating socks. And bunny. Of course. Part of me understands. For four years in high school I was forced to wear a uniform, and we all did our things to make the outfit more personable. But Mina takes it to a whole other level of project runway. I feel bad for the teachers. They have to keep track of all this stuff.

But now that we're finally into the weekend, the kids have been very productive.

They enlisted dada into a round of doctor-patient.

I know I'd feel better if my doctor wore wings. And a medal. And a princess nightgown.

I'd have to check whether my insurance covered holistic treatments like ring-wearing.

I can't wait till he tries to pull this "band aid" off.
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