Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liberty Science Center

Rainy Saturday mornings spent in pursuit of higher knowledge. Today, we headed for the Liberty Science Center. Cool place. A little bit pricey, and many of the exhibits were a bit above our age range. But they had a great section set aside for the 2-5 year old set that both kids loved.

Jeff's, "We don't need no, ed-U-ca-tion!" look. This is what happens when when you watch too much Fox channel.

A beach ball, an air vent and hose... of course it's worth the price of admission.

This display was in the infectious diseases/microbes section. It "sneezes" at you and emits a burst of moistened air. Guess who loved this one the best?

Wave rotation.

Who says it's just for kids...

This is approximately how many gallons of water per day the kids use to brush their teeth in the morning.

They also had a huge window display of these things... hundreds of them... creeping about on a log or something..

I thought I was going to die. The kids looked at them, then walked away. I stood there shuddering for about a minute and had to hide my head in my sweatshirt. All I could picture was these creepy-crawly things breaking out of the confines of the window display and crawling up the legs of my pants. argh.. I think I'm going to be sick. I hate bugs.
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