Sunday, March 21, 2010

Once upon a time..

weekends used to be relaxing.

Leisurely brunches, window shopping, strolls in the park with the dog, lounging around on the couch with the Times, maybe some tennis, if we were feeling really ambitious...

These days...

Rockin' out with Kimmy Schwimmy..

It helps being under 10 years old.

Mina left us when she discovered her buddies in the crowd. She also made a point of showing Kimmy Schwimmy her arm, and declaring into the microphone that her "bruise was all gone!" Thoughtfully, Kimmy repeated this loudly, so everyone in the audience could hear about Mina's bruise and ponder its implications. I cringed in my seat.

Birthday parties..

At the NJ children's museum. This was a western themed display with a mini jail. I liked this one a lot, for obvious reasons.

My nemesis.

Celebrating David's birthday at Bounce U!

This one wasn't so into it.

It's ok. She found other things to keep her distracted.

Good weather!

We also managed to squeeze in several hours of outdoor play, yardwork, hedge trimming, poo patrol, yard cleanup, and raking. The kids played.

And Mina discovered a new look, suitable for breakfast and all other occasions.
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