Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Short but Sweet!

We had a surprise visitor!

Ms. GORGEOUS!! a/k/a - Kristen.



Miss Mina did her best to make him feel welcome.

How can you resist! This kid is so sweet! Look at this face! And he has new baby warm head smell!! sigh. Good thing my innards are all shrivelled up from having two kids, otherwise, look out...

too short a visit... but better than nothing! Can't wait for a longer one, soon!!

Other random...

Loving this song.

Sampled from this original...

Other random...

Heard on the streets of Brooklyn, lunchtime, Jay and Myrtle .. woman speaking loudly on cell phone:

"Mickey.. you know God don't like ugly. And right now, you bein' ugly."

I love it.
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