Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All set till August.

One challenge about blogging is keeping it up with respect to real time events. I've been lax about following up with key news. For example, Jordan's recent biopsy on Friday resulted in zero rejection. Yay!

Normally, it seems like biopsy days generate nothing but anger and hostility in me. But this one, overall, wasn't as bad as it could have been. Coming from me, that's just about the highest praise I can offer for the experience. It wasn't too bad.

We got there early, as usual. Too early - as usual. We do that because they want us to get Jordan's bloodwork done in advance. We were greeted by a receptionist, Ms.S., who was just about as sweet as you can imagine. She's been with the hospital since we started and she knows Jordan. She showered him with compliments and praise, and listened intently to him as he answered her questions and commented on all his remarks as he sat there waiting. While Jordan read aloud from his World Atlas (this warrants a whole separate post), she commented admiringly. When he chatted about foreign countries and places he would like to travel, she cooed over him like he was a child prodigy. I tried to hide a small smile.

And then we went down for bloodwork. And Jordan rocked it. Seriously. He did not cry or fuss. He practically chatted with the phlebotomist while she drew one vial after another. I was stunned. I was awed.

One thing that struck me about this biopsy was Jordan's insistence on refusing to take sedation medication in advance. The practice has always been to give him "something" to calm him before he gets anesthesia. This "something" is a sedative cocktail that comes in a syringe that the nurse hands me, and expects me to give to Jordan. There's nothing more fun than giving foul tasting medicine to a child who hasn't eaten anything in 14 hours.

The night before the biopsy, Jordan told me he didn't want to have "any pink stuff!!" As he put it, "No pink stuff mommy!!" I promised him I wouldn't give him any. And I stuck to that. When the anesthesiologist came in to discuss the case pre-op, he started getting ready to order the pink stuff, and I said no. It was a rare moment of me speaking up and saying exactly what I felt the standard of care should be in the situation. I simply said that Jordan was very insistent on not taking the medication, that it was horrible tasting, it upset him worse that anything else.

They like to give him that stuff so that when he goes into the OR, he's calm BEFORE getting the anesthesia mask. It dawned on me that they are doing this for their benefit, not the patient's. So, I said, "We aren't giving him the pre-sedative. It upsets him. Even with the sedative, he's upset when he gets the mask. So what's the difference? We'll just have to deal with it together. He'll be upset, but we will go in there with him and try to keep him calm."

The doctor paused for just a second, and said ok. And yes, when we brought him into the OR, he was upset about getting the gas mask - as always. But I was able to reassure him that he would NOT get the "pink stuff." Small victory. But it mattered to me.

The biopsy itself went fast. Really fast. A "doctor" came into the waiting area to tell us that the preliminary results looked good. I was under the delusion that this was one of the fellows, because he looked so YOUNG. As young as my youngest brother, to be exact. And he looked just like him, so naturally, I immediately dismissed him as a Dr. in training and thus not worthy of me really paying attention. I swear, I assumed the doctor had sent this clown in to just tell us the news.

Jeff corrected me. He said, "He DID the biopsy! You're too busy being angry to even pay attention."

He's right. I do go in there now gunning for a fight. I need to rethink that. The doctor was nice. Even if he was barely old enough to order a beer in a restaurant. The admin staff was kind and generous and thoughtful with their gifts and compliments. The nurses were efficient and practical and did not prolong the painful parts. It wasn't too bad.

And it's over for now. No more clinic till August. Yes!

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