Friday, April 23, 2010

Biopsy day - blech.

It had to happen sometime. Today, Jordan was scheduled for a routine biopsy. Got up at the crack of dawn as usual, got Mina to school (not happy that Jordan was not coming in with her), got to the hospital by 8:00. Did some bloodword. Jordan was a champ! Not a word of protest or complaint when the tech drained him of several vials.

Jordan was not actually taken into the OR until 12:00.

Before the biopsy, they did an EKG. Jeff took this pic and Jordan looks like he belongs in a Spiderman comic book.

All things considered, this biopsy was not as bad as most. It helped they put us in a private room, which has never happened before. That helped deaden the noise from the recovery room, and allowed Jordan to rest after the procedure was over. It helped that it was only one ventricle, so that minimized the recovery time (2 hours). It helped that Jordan did not wake up nauseous, as is often the case. The biopsy itself took and hour and a half. The two hour wait after was exhausting, and made worse because Jordan kept crying that he wanted to go home.

Eventually though, he calmed down as he realized that the worst was over, and his only job now was to stay calm, keep his leg still, and watch tv. He should watch me and Jeff at night after the kids go to bed. That describes our couch viewing habits to a t.

We finally got him home. It's become a tradition to allow him to pick out a gift from the hospital gift store on the way out. The only caveat is, he has to pick out something nice for Mina too. The kid is smart. He always picks out the exact same toy for Mina as he selects for himself. He knows she'll be after his in seconds if he didn't.

Or maybe it's just because he knows they share similar interests.

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