Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boulder - Boulder 2010 - show me the way to 19th street!

A few more days, and I'm heading out to Boulder for my first ever 10k. I'm very excited. I checked out the race website just for kicks, and noticed this bit of vid from Frank Shorter, highlighting the race course.

Frank Shorter narrates the Bolder Boulder Course from Ryan Van Duzer on Vimeo.

As I watched this tonight, I started feeling slightly panicky. "Holy shit." I thought to myself. "I am so not ready for this. What the hell is he talking about with all this 'months of training' and nonsense? Oh man.. I am so dead."

And then it occurred to me. I've been running fairly consistently for about a year now. Even in the crap winter weather, I ran. I started the new year off with a 5k, dragging myself out to some godforsaken town in NJ, by myself, not knowing a sole out there - just to run. Why? Because I wanted to. I wanted to start the year off doing something I loved. Just for me. Even if it meant waking up early and doing it solo. I've dragged myself out evenings after work, despite long days of commuting three hours and being up at 5 am in the morning. I've forced myself up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to do long runs to improve my cardio function. Have I loved every minute of it? No. But the feeling that comes post run is indescribable. I like running. Am I any good at it? No, but who the hell cares? It makes me feel good.

And then it occurred to me.. stop worrying!! I am not an elite runner. I'm nowhere close to even being a competitive runner. My best times are 10 minute miles, and that's just a wee bit sad. But guess what? I'm planning a mini vacation around a run. A run! Exercise! I'm heading out to Boulder, running with my brother, and the focus will be something active. (yeah, yeah.. I suspect there will be much eating and imbibing later.. but still)

Runners come in all shapes and sizes. Do I wish I was 20 pounds lighter, with legs that came up to my chin and a lightning stride? Sure. Do I wish I could do 7 minute miles and start in the first corral? Sure.

But this is who I am. And this runner is feeling pretty excited about an upcoming challenge. I'm doing something I love, with family, and feeling pretty happy to have come this far in my short running career.

Wish me luck, and an injury free race!
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