Sunday, May 02, 2010

Busy clippers..

And the weekend was upon us. Time to get things done around the house.

Exhibit #1

The mop.



Just in time for the record high temperatures we got this weekend! Short and clean.

Post nap - Jordan kicks back and does his Abercrombie pose. Minus the employment discrimination lawsuits.

Saturday included birthday parties, shopping, grocery trip and at last - summer planting. Miss Mina was a big help. Of course we always plant flowers wearing a dress, red satin headband and apron. We - meaning Mina.

There. All done.

So pretty.

Later, the two of them worked on their mad soccer skilz. They are both signed up to play soccer this fall. I'm looking forward to this, although given how crazy our weekends are now, I can't begin to imagine what they will look like once we add organized sports to the mix. Jeff is also signed himself up as assistant couch. hee hee..

And this is Mina after a few minutes of playing goalie. Goalie might not be the best position for her, methinks. Or soccer either, for that matter. Is she looking at her nails?? Whose child is this?

post-bath, it was time for dinner, al fresco!

I was pretty excited too. Saturday mornings are my long run. As I huff and puff my way through ten miles, I assure you, I am thinking about dinner. Bear in mind my run starts at 6:45 a.m. and dinner is 11-12 hours away. It doesn't matter. I'm still thinking about it. This Saturday, Jeff was cooking. Steak, creamed spinach, cauliflower puree. This is the spinach in stage two - cooked and SQUEEZED out.

Saturday dinner. Nom, nom, nom. Worth every agonizing mile, hill, sweat drenched t shirt, shorts, aching knee and cramping back. Steak - courtesy of Costco, which has the best deals for meat, hands down. The spinach recipe was of Jeff's own creation. He's trying to perfect the creamed spinach recipe akin to the one served at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn. Of course, these days, you can buy the creamed spinach recipe from Peter Luger's at .... Costco. Where else? They happened to be out that day.

For those of you like me - who like your meat with a big serving of potatoes on the side, this cauliflower thing must be tried. It's really grown on me. And it's sort of lighter. Like mashed potatoes, it's creamy and smooth and goes well with meat. Unlike potatoes, it's lighter and let's you enjoy both the meat and a side dish without filling so stuffed that it hurts.

There's a lot of variations on the cauliflower puree recipe. Here's one. We also sometimes use half and half, substitute lighter milk, use yogurt, etc.

Sunday was another busy day - yard sales, Lowe's, street fair, cooking, cleaning, and yard work. At Lowe's the kids were let loose long enough to explore. They still hold hands though.

Too cute. I wonder how long this will last. Lowe's/Home Depot will be a frequent destination for the next few weeks. We're working on our basement this summer. Renovating the basement and making it into a playroom. Jeff is so excited. He's looking forward to reclaiming the office (where the kids have all their art supplies and art table and hang out on the computer). I'm pretty excited too. It means I will reclaim the current playroom (I feel like I JUST renovated the playroom) and turn it into a dining room.

One day. If we win the lottery.

After all the grown up nonsense, the kids were rewarded with a trip to a local street fair. We hit some bounce houses, grabbed some pizza, and tried to enjoy the breeze with some chocolate ice cream and sprinkles (Mina) and some mango ice (Jordan).

I scored some great deals on yard sale stuff, particularly at one sale that was an unplanned stop we saw on the way to the fair. Later that evening, as people in our neighborhood put stuff out for trash pickup, Jeff told me that one of the yard sale people had all their stuff out. Guess who was out there dumpster diving? Yep, yours truly. I have no shame. Picked up a load of Playmobile toys and accessories I am cleaning up and will recreate into sets for the new playroom when it's ready.

I don't know why I insist on bringing more things into the house that define themselves by the number of parts and itty-bitty accessories they include... but I just could not pass them up. And they were FREE! And if you buy these sets in the store, in their packaged kits - they are EXPENSIVE!! ANd damn, if I don't feel like playing with them myself they are so darn cute.

photo, courtesty of chrisglass. I picked up two bags worth of people and miscellaneous accessories. I found this picture on Flickr. And if you really want to see some amusing Playmobile pictures, do a search on that site under Playmobile. All I can say is, some people have a lot of time on their hands.

Whew. Exhausted. But in a good way. I'm so glad the warm weather is finally here.
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