Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day (weekend!)

We had an extended version of celebrating Mother's Day this year. It started with high tea at the preschool.

How very posh, darling.

And how could I resist an invitation from the most sought-after hosts in town?

You know any party these two throw is going to be wild.

With lots of healthy eating options

And great swag!

The paparazzi weren't able to get our best angle this year. Alas.


The next day, we roused ourselves for a trip back to the heartland - The Brooklyn Children's Museum. The kiddos amused themselves with hands on displays.


And dress up. Of course. Mina was digging the Japanese kimono.


I got a kick out of the wishing board. Write down your your heart's secret wish and maybe it will come true.





I was tempted to write mine, but I didn't think most kids reading would understand the words liposuction or rhinoplasty.


We liked exhibits you could climb right on.


Or drive away. Mina makes the cutest MTA employee I've ever seen.


I know I had one of these growing up.

After the museum we headed over to our traditional Mother's Day destination - Bubby's, for brunch.


Yep, we like this place. It's become our traditional go-to brunch place on the Saturday before Mother's Day. I think a lot of other people have caught on to this idea though. Brunch the day before - it's slightly less crowded.

Brunch in Brooklyn with Grandma H.

Followed by a major cardio session at the Brooklyn Bridge Park right outside.


This kid is getting all kinds of crazy on the equipment. It wasn't that long ago that I was carefully treading behind him on the playground stuff, watching his every move and making sure he didn't fall down, crack his head open, tumble off the monkey bars. These days, I've reached the stage where I can be one of those moms. The rare breed that gets to sit on the bench close by and watch the kiddlewinks amuse themselves. I haven't reached the comfort level yet where I can whip out a US weekly or InStyle and peruse. But one day...heck I might even start wearing cute little Manolos while chasing after the tots. Isn't that what all the celeb moms wear in Cookie? Which probably explains why that magazine went belly-up. It was really more of mommmy-fantasy reading than anything else out there. I know I miss browsing through fashion outfit layouts that cost more than my first year tuition at state college.


They seemed like they were having fun.


Jordan convinced me to treat them to ice cream. Just like last year, he ordered the cherry dip. (shudder.)


And Jeff and I wandered over to another local establishment for more adult confections. Coming back here is a stroll down memory lane for us. We made a pit stop here on our wedding day and purchased a box of hand made chocolates for the limo ride down to the ceremony.

The eating fest continued on Mother's Day proper. We joined some friends and kids for a hibachi steakhouse experience at Kiku.

This is Jordan's latest version of a smile.

While he enjoyed the drama of the cooking,

Others were more eager to get to the eating.

Me too!
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