Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bolder Boulder 2010. The race report.

6:00. I've been up for hours, tossing and turning. I'm still on east coast time. But that's ok. The adrenaline is already flowing. I've been thinking about this race for a year.

Just about a year ago, my brother convinced me to run a race together. And this one, he promised, would be memorable

It truly was.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Bolder Boulder 10k.

I've been running a year now. During that time, I have completed three 5K races. Enough to get a sense that runners come in all shapes and sizes. Boulder proved this writ large. With approximately 50,000 runners, spread across numerous starting "waves," you could see the running bug spares no one.

Some runners look like this.

And some of them look like this.

And some manage to keep their sense of humor. Hey good lookin'!

They come in every age.


and attire.

And each one has loads of support.

I had only the dimmest notion of what the race course looked like. I knew from the video I posted last week that the last stretch was an uphill heading into the University of Colorado stadium. The prospect of that hill loomed large in my brain. And the last stretch! That last stretch was about a half mile. I could hear the runners begin to murmur in the pack as we approached it... the more experienced ones warning others of what lay ahead.

And then I quickly realized, any hill can be conquered with a little help from your friends.

And when you reach the top, you're greeted with this. For every 50,000 runners, you can bet there are just as many supporters there to cheer them on. Running into that stadium felt about as close to rock star status as it gets. Short of being a rock star, I guess. Or when your kid hugs you and says I love you. That feels pretty rock star too.

A hearty thanks to my sister in law, Dallice, who faithfully watched for and took the majority of race pictures you see here. Osman and I approaching the finish line.

She tells me the Boulder Marine formation ran in just before us, approached the finish line, shot left into the grass, dropped and did thirty pushups, and THEN crossed the line. That's hardcore. And they ran in combat boots.

Here I am summoning my last burst of energy to cross the line.

We did it. Post race chilling with Bolder Boulder swag goodie bags.

Note to myself as I flew back home:

Hey girl. You did it. Remember when Osman suggested the race and you hesitatingly said yes? Remember how you felt just a little bit scared but thought you could train to do it within a year? Remember feeling slightly panicky, a little bit worried, a little bit afraid? Guess what?

You did it.

Best sign held by a spectator during the race:

"No 1 made you do this."

Osman turned and asked what that meant. You got it right away. No one made you do this race. No one makes you run. You and every other runner out there was there because YOU wanted to do this. You wanted to race at 5,000 feet above sea level on a hot and hilly course. You wanted to hit mile four and start to feel your insides hurling and lungs collapsing while they strained for more air. YOU wanted this challenge.

and YOU did it.

Yes - you. And any one else can do this too.

Yes - you too. I promise.

The numbers, by Garmin. I stopped my clock late, but this is close.

Needless to say, the weekend wasn't all about the running. There was also a ridiculous amount of food involved.

And we paused long enough to see some sights.

These could very well be related to our dog. Their names are "Oscar" and "Sprout" and they are also originally from Brooklyn - just like our own Oscar. Of course these two actually look like Brussels Griffons, which is the breed our dog claims to descend from.

Obama stimulus pizza. Loads of toppings!

Chilling at Saxy's cafe. I need a big comfy couch like that.

Back home now, and it's time to relax. Sort of. Annual town 5k July 4th weekend. Goal to beat - 30 minutes. Who's joining me? Loads of BBQ after.

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