Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exercise. Sort of.

This week, I've been doing most of my running at lunchtime. I've packed the shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, garmin and deodorant and joined the crowds who like to run/walk the Brooklyn Bridge between 1:00 and 2:00 each day. Beginning to end and back, it's about 3 miles. I get a few bonus points for running from my building to the base of the bridge, and an extra gold star for the slight hill I climb on the way there.

A few things have crossed my mind.

1. There are a lot of tourists who like to walk the bridge very slowly, with cameras. Their preferred mode of ambulation is to walk side by side, spanning the narrow length of lane that is devoted to pedestrians. One half of the lane is for pedestrians coming and going. The other is for bicyclists - coming and going. Have you ever been hit by a cyclist speeding down a bridge? Me either. And I'd like to keep it that way. Get the hell out of the way! And stop frigging texting your way across the bridge!! You can't see me coming, and you're too distracted to hear me shouting, "EXCUSE ME!!"

2. After my run, I come back into the building sweating like a hog and bright red. My hair is in disarray, and my makeup is smeared all over my face. A thin layer of sweat is slowly crystallizing across my whole face and torso. All I want to do is sneak into my office, lock the door, towel off and change before the cleaning lady bursts in on me. I then want to quickly wolf down my lunch in the remaining minutes I have before lunchtime is over and before said cleaning lady comes back to empty the trash because lord help me if I leave anything in there after she's emptied the thing. As much as I appreciate all the words of encouragement from colleagues who see me running in, it's probably best if I don't stop and chat with you because (a) I stink. (b) I don't want to call attention to myself (c) I'm sympathetic to your reasons why you choose not to run, and my running should not make you feel guilty, don't take it personally, and (d) I stink.

3. Re: stink after a run - I've noticed that a hefty dose of towelling off and deodorant will keep the funk under check until quitting time. I can't vouch for what I smell like on the subway and bus ride home, but who cares? I'm on a NYC subway in the summertime. I smell better than most people.

This week, the monkeys have been exercising a lot too. They started soccer clinics in the evening. So, from 6:30 - 8:00 (!!!) they've been running around, doing soccer drills, and getting yelled at by a bunch of British guys who come into town every year for this express purpose.

Day one was kind of.. well, a disaster. It started off in a fairly benign way. Kids not paying attention...

watching the clouds roll by...

It started getting worse as the hours rolled on ... someone decided they wanted to play their own version of soccer, not whatever nonsense the coaches were trying to teach them.

But today was much better:

There might be a world cup somewhere in their futures.
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