Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day!

June is for dads and grads; and in our house we have one of each! Jordan will be graduating kindergarten on Friday. We're very excited about that. And in the meantime, we also celebrated Father's Day with our favorite dada, ever.

Of course "we" did not know what to get him for the occasion.

So, we decided to make him somthing we could all enjoy. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies anyone? Borrowed from his own mom's classic recipe. Grandma H used to send these cookies up to college in dear little care packages, and between Jeff, his three roomates, and me, they were devoured in a day.

To help celebrate, Jordan and Mina's school invited the dads to take the kids bowling. This year, Jeff brought the kids solo. And they had a blast!

ok, maybe one of the teacher's helped a little. Thanks Ms. Karla.

The next day, we actually did it all over again! The kids had so much fun, they asked to go back. So, bright and early on a Saturday, off we went. It was a busy day indeed, and the adventures continued.

That evening, we met some of the California contigency of the family in the city at Lucille's. It occurred to me, as I looked at the pictures, that we all managed to find a place at the table. With great food and great company, what else can you expect?

The adults sat all the way at the end.

Us young 'uns sat in the middle.

And the whippersnappers were off in their own corner.

They don't call it a kiddie table for nothin'.

Actually, I'm kidding. The kids were remarkably well behaved. This one ate almost his whole meal, plus bread and dessert. And didn't spill anything. And right here, ladies and gentlemen, is my moment of zen as a parent. Here is my son, quietly reading his little flag book. It makes me want to weep tears of joy. How far we have come, indeed.

He even got the bigger kids interested.

We had a wonderful time seeing everyone.

To finish the weekend off, we headed up to Westchester on Sunday for a Father's Day BBQ. Naturally, I forgot to bring my camera, but I did remember to take a picture of my contribution to the event.

Peanut butter chocolate rice krispie treats, courtesy of Martha Stewart. This came from this month's Real Living magazine. The recipe is not up on the site yet, but it's pretty straightforward. Rice krispie bars, split with a layer of chocolate in the middle, a layer of chocolate on top, and sprinkled with roasted, chopped peanuts.


I love this time of the year. Welcome Summer!! I've missed you dearly. Invitations have gone out for our yearly 4th of July BBQ. I'm definitely making some repeats from last year, but also looking for some new holiday inspired dessert options. The cake I made last year was good, but I can do better.
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